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The Importance of Technology

Every aspect of life is largely dependent on technology. In case you want to get an idea of importance of technology then just minus everything, which is integrated with technology, from your life and when you will do this then you feel that you are living in the ancient time. On the other hand, technology.s addition in your life means comfort, ease, facilitation, security, modernization and many more. Those who still want to know why technology is vital in our life for them I am going to demonstrate its importance on business, schools, health and other aspects.

Importance of Technology in Business

Technology is just like bloodstream of the business. You have to use the technology somehow whether you are running a small scale business or take the control of an international enterprise. In past days, mode of payment was nothing but barter trade system that involved a lot of hurdles and problems. In recent days, a businessman is able to go for either electronic money like credit card, debit card or online payment.

There was a time when a person had to stick with his local area if he intended to start a business as modes of communication and transport were limited and tiresome. He had to spend three to four days for supplying the goods in the other city or country. Contrary to this today businessmen are able to run the business nationally and internationally without even leaving their chair. They can reach to any territory of the world within 24 hours by air.

Internet was introduced for creating connection between military forces but now it has become the first source of communication for the businessmen. A number of professional prefer to start a video conferencing and meeting on personal meeting; this is cost effective and comfortable option than that.

Now it becomes quite difficult for the businessmen to operate e-commerce and trade without technology. They can.t avoid it even after making many efforts. Technology has become an integral part of the business and if we will try to separate it from the business then global economy would collapse.

Importance of Technology in Society

Technology is quite important for the society. The parents always want to be connected with their children and it would be possible through the latest cell phone technology. A father can easily track where his kid is going. Fast communication is indeed the most useful gift of the technology and I don.t think that there is a person who wants to return this gift.

Social networking is made possible through technology. Now you are free to make friends, play games, share photos and videos with them. There is no need to leave your home and find a friend when you can simply do this with the mean of an internet connection. Technology lets every person a chance to find a like-minded person. Without internet, this thing wouldn.t be possible for you.

Importance of Technology In Fitness

Technology also plays an important role in the fitness and health field. Some people find it hard to go for a morning walk for the facilitation of them manufacturers comes with high-tech elliptical machines, tread mills, air bikes, cycles and many other products. Even there are a number of software(s) which allows a person to set a goal, to take a note of his/her daily workout and then to meet the goals.

Internet is a portal which makes it feasible for a person to read the tips and tutorials related to workout. You are free to watch videos which are demonstrating some simple ways through which you can keep your self healthy, active and fit. Now you can get the doctor.s recommendation and advice on the web. Even there are online drug stores from where you can buy the medicines after showing your prescription.

Importance of Technology in Security

With the advent of latest technology, your home, office and automobile.s security is also boosted up. In old days, there was simple lock and key for keeping your valuables safe. Nevertheless, situation has completely changed now. You are able to go for advanced security lock and system for home and office such as Panic bar, biometric locks, digital locks, CCTV cameras, intercom, access control system, home watch and many other products.

In short, technology is quite important for the people of this digital era where we can.t live without any such invention. It is just impossible for us to run a business and live the life happily without technology.

Credit: http://importanceoftechnology.net/161/every-aspect-of-life-is-largely-dependent-on-technology

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Why Certification is Important

IT certification programs ensure the technical competence of IT professionals. Certification exams go beyond training by providing a tangible measurement of a technician's knowledge of a specific IT support function or product. Certification programs establish standards for IT education and play an important role in developing a qualified workforce. Employers, IT professionals and consumers of IT services all benefit from certification.

"We need to stay 'in the know' on products and technologies so that we can be the best we can be to our customers who insist upon excellence and quality. Obtaining certifications and training is a good methodology for ensuring this."

-Darren T. Waldrep, Vice President of Business Development and Manager of Strategic Alliances Datatrend Technologies, Inc.

Credit: http://www.itcertcouncil.org/WhyCertificationIsImportant/WhyCertificationisImportant.aspx

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